Don't be fooled by the exteriors: Luxury awaits you in this houseboat's kitchen

When a floating home rental company promises a 'home on the water' experience, we're compelled to delve a little further. As far as we're concerned, it's always worth celebrating those who are able to deliver.
On that note, allow us to introduce you to this compelling houseboat from SleepAfloat. Her name is Calypso, and she hails from Key Largo, Florida. Docked in a protected part of Pilot House Marina, this Airbnb rental boasts that it can accommodate up to eight people.
That in itself is quite remarkable - but wait until you see of what awaits us aboard.
You might be tempted to think we're just looking at your everyday yacht. Don't take things at face value, though: beyond these sleek exteriors lies an even greater deal of elegance.
The spacious upper deck foreshadows what to expect from the rest of this floating home. Here, we are greeted by a stylish sofa set and a coffee table that glistens among the sunny vistas.
We gave you the entree, now we move to the sweet dessert: lush wooden interiors that inspire us to cherish the most intricate details.
The kitchen brings us a harmonic ensemble of exquisite antiquities and brilliant stainless steel appliances.
Who says fine dining is only reserved for fancy restaurants? With marvelous views and a beaming glass table to match, nobody needs to stray too far to feel like they're getting the full five-star treatment.
One thing you'll notice about the bedrooms is that they all have the same patterned duvets. Along with the serene bedding, the master bedroom helps its guests wind down by surrounding itself with natural embellishments.
Silver hues along the walls accentuate the sandy tones lining the bathroom's door and cabinetry - granting this intimate area just the right amount of luxury.
To really appreciate this space, though, we need to examine it from a wider angle. Now we can see the shower right at the corner, all the essential fittings, as well as a footstool that complements the bath towels.
See what we mean about matching blankets? Similarities aside, we just love the vintage bedside lamp adorning this room.
The final sleeping spot is double the fun - along with a comfy bunk bed, it sustains the themes from its neighboring bedrooms by fully embracing its special bedside ornaments and low-key glimpses of the marina.
SleepAfloat invites Calypso guests to "float all their cares away." With a myriad of stunning amenities on board, it'd be hard not to take them up on their offer. After all, this floating home's graceful elements are bound to impress all vacationers who are looking for a taste of the seafaring lifestyle.
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