Treat yourself to some Texas charm in a tiny house with a terrific wooden kitchen

Between New Orleans and Brownsville, Texas, lies the oil town of Galveston, and right next to that, a few ticks up the road, is Manvel, a burgeoning little burg of 5,000 souls. It is there that you will find this tiny house known by its owners as the Lone Star Tiny House, which is a new twist for the state in which everything -- from hairdos to bank accounts -- is expected to be oversized and spicy hot.
In fact, everything about this tiny house sounds un-Texas. It is located on a Christmas tree farm and sits next to a quiet pond with a splashy fountain. Available on Airbnb, the social media travel Web site, the Lone Star Tiny House is advertised as a diminutive hideaway for bird watchers and writers. One of the house rules: No parties.
It just goes to show that the tiny house movement is all about making new rules. Let's take a tour of this rustic tiny house and see how much of that good, old-fashioned Texas flair is packed into it.
Here's a view of the downstairs sofa that pulls out to become a bed with the kitchen in the background. You can see, there's plenty of Texas pine in use for the walls, bringing some of that Christmas tree aroma into the house.​
Here's the sofa pulled out to a bed. Pretty slick -- and comfy, too.​
Here's the reverse view of the same space. You can see part of the toilet and a roll of toilet paper, which hints at what lies behind that sliding door.
And here's a better view of the kitchen. The red-striped counter is a breakfast table that retracts when not in use. Otherwise, you can see plenty of Texas-style charm from the hanging pots and utensils to the rough look to the pine walls.
Breakfast for two? That would be steak and eggs, slathered in Texas hot sauce, right?
There's no oven in this tiny house, but if it's Texas, you can be sure there's a coffee pot within reach.​
That's a rustic shower, but it gets the job done. Especially welcome for a tiny house is finished interior plumbing.
Not only does this terrific porch have room for chairs and a table, it is made all the better by the view from it -- which is available in the next shot.
Couldn't resist showing a view of what lies out the front door of the Lone Star Tiny House.
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