6 clever furniture finds that make the most of your corner space

Everyone knows that corners have a lot of potential to become some of the most useful spots in our homes, but we don't always do something about it. 90 degree angles are bit inconvenient unless you have something specifically designed for them!
Sometimes it's just easier to block the space off and forget about it, but in doing so you'll be wasting a ton of space. If you want your corners to do more than collect dust bunnies, try out one or two of these awesome, space-saving ideas.
1. Turn the corner into a mini mudroom
The corner by your front door might just be begging to become a mini mudroom like this one from Remodelaholic. It gives you all the storage you need in one place, and even doubles as a place to put on your shoes!
2. Use outside corner space
Outside corner space is often overlooked, but there's nothing to stop you from using it to your advantage! The awesome Franklin shelf takes up barely any room, but it offers quite a bit of storage space.
3. Create a workspace
As this piece from Overstock shows, corner desks don't have to be giant, hulking affairs that dominate an entire room. A small, sleek desk like this one will tuck perfectly into the corner and give you just the right amount of space to get your work done.
4. Bathroom storage
Out of all the rooms in the house, bathrooms are the most in danger of becoming cramped, tiny spots where space is at a premium. Make sure every square inch is being used to your advantage with a clever corner cupboard like this one seen on How to Decorate.
5. A bookshelf with built-in seating
Can't decide if you'd rather have some extra seating or a place to store your books? Kill two birds with one stone, and get a piece like this one from The Crabby Lion Store on Etsy.
6. Floating corner shelves
If there's an annoying little nook in your home that doesn't seem like a good spot for anything, try filling the void with some custom-built floating shelves! It's simpler than it looks to make your own, and you can learn how from 4 Men 1 Lady.
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